Great salespeople equal great business!
The EPIC Sales Group brings together all the resources which SME business owners need
to hire, train and retain the best salespeople.
Everything You Need to Build Champion Sales Teams
Hamilton Island Awards, 2012
Ayres Rock Awards, 2013
Viva Vax Vegas Winner, 2014 - boarding CEO Mark Bissell's jet
New Zealand Awards, 2014
Hi, I'm Michael Dunne.
Over the past 17 years I have recruited and managed sales teams for my own consultative selling Franchise stores.   

For 12 years I struggled to make real profit in my business. I spent year after year hiring mostly average salespeople despite my efforts to find the best. Flat-lining salespeople came in one after the other until I finally moved them on, only to replace them with more of the same.

So many salespeople interviewed well and then didn't perform. The cost of staff turnover and ramp up time of new staff was draining my time and my business. In my darkest days it even seemed like it was never going to end and there was no way out.

Then one day I became very self-aware.
I said enough is enough and from that day on things began to change.
This journey began in 2011.

I hired two world-class coaches, studied best practice in the industry, researched worldwide experts on sales teams, then I used my own stores to test every theory that I learned along the way. 
There were times when nothing was working and cash flow was tight but I never gave up.

I learned how to create a culture and a vision, and how to attract salespeople with the qualities I'd always been looking for. These amazing new team members transformed my business.
I watched my sales teams grow in ways I never thought possible. 

12 months later my two stores saw a massive profit increase of 20% - and then increased again another 15% in the following 12 months. Team turnover was now a thing of the past.

As a Franchise we won every award possible and climbed to the top of the network. 
For the first time in years I could take time off and enjoyed spending quality time with my family. 
After years of struggle in this area the feeling was one of total and utter elation.

And I can tell you that ALL of this came from getting the right people on my sales team.

My next career step was to become a coach to other Franchisees in my industry. Here, I discovered that they all struggled with the same issue that I'd had, namely finding, hiring and retaining high performing salespeople. It became my passion to share the solutions I had found.

My mission, and my passion, is to help business owners with sales teams overcome these challenges and overcome the odds to find and retain the best salespeople.

To fulfil this mission, EPIC Sales Group was created as an umbrella group providing all the resources which small to medium businesses require to build champion level sales teams

Epic Sales Group Pty Ltd supplies resources in:-
  • Sales Hire Consultancy - selecting salespeople with the right subconscious makeup
  • Team Building - leadership, culture & vision, measurement, management & systems
  • Sales Training - linking businesses with outstanding training resources and opportunities
Taking business owners to sales team heaven.
Our mission is to take business owners and sales managers from sales team chaos to sales team heaven.

Sounds like a place you would like to go to?

If you’re ready to upgrade and upskill your team, I invite you to book a free chat with me.

We do not work for everyone, as we know that good salespeople once found, need to be retained - and this requires a business owner dedicated to improvement, growth and a culture of excellence.

I have set up a simple process to understand where you’re at, where you want to go and to see if EPIC Sales Group is the right fit for your current situation.

Please book a time below in my calendar, to discuss your particular situation and see whether EPIC can help you build your very own champion sales team.

I look forward to connecting with you,

Using the unique scientific hiring methodology showcased in Chapter 22 of
Amazon bestselling book, "Money For Nothing"
"Smart recruiting has arrived." 
- Dr Phil Greer, B. Eng., Ph.D.
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